Sunday, February 2, 2014

Victorian Secrets: Book review

A couple of months ago on facebook, I found out about corset wearer, Sarah Chrisman, and her book.

I highly recommend reading this great little story that highlights Mrs. Chrisman's year long transformation into a modern Victorian woman. Sarah writes her story beautifully. I laughed, I cried, felt her joy and her anger as I read of the encounters she had with people who had varying opinions of her wearing a corset. Her story is inspiring, captivating, motivating, and insightful. As a fellow lover of all things Victorian, I took a particular interest in the useful information about everyday people and living during the Victorian era, especially about how people ate then. She included this catalog entry as a reference.

If you find the Victorian era fascinating and are curious about corsets, you won't be disappointed reading this chapter of Sarah Chrisman's life. After reading her story, I hope I have the chance to visit Port Townsend and meet her in person some day. I would love to have her sign my copy of her book.